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Generators Service

All your Emergency Power needs with Factory Trained and Certified Generac Electricians able to handle any installation and any location.

Call today for Free quote and site evaluation. We also sell portable units from 3250W to 9000W and all hardware for any installation.

Featured Service: Emergency Lighting and Power

Blackouts from floods, storms and other natural disasters are becoming all too common in this area.   A power outage can be devastating to a business, but with a generator in place, crucial systems can keep running without interruption.  BMSE's power professionals are helping meet the growing demand for dependable stand-by power.  We provide 24/7 emergency service.

Additional Services

  • • Emergency Power & Generators
  • • Emergency Power & Generators
  • • Emergency Service
  • • Ground Faults
  • • Uninterrupted Power Supply